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MBA essentials - Action-oriented solutions for managers

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Intensive Management Program: Challenges and Issues Facing Today’s Executives

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E-marketing: developing an integrated mobile and social media strategy

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Upcoming activities

Project management methods and tools
February 20, 21, 22, 2017, Montreal

Harnessing financial rationality to make decisions that create value 
February 22, 23, 2017, Montreal

Manage your staff with maximum efficiency
February 23, 24, March 16, 17, 2017, Montreal

Empowering change management: How to become an effective change agent
March 13, 27, April 10, 2017, Montreal

Arguing, debating and improvising in business
March 23, 24, 2017 , Montreal

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Association and professional orders - Partnerships

Most of our programs are recognized by professional associations and orders with annual continuing education requirements for their members. For more information on eligibility, check with your association.

We currently have agreements in place with the following:

Executive Education HEC Montréal is proud to team up with organizations and institutions based in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada or internationally to build constructive, lasting partnerships.

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International programs

Wherever you are in the world, we are committed to giving you the high-performance tools you need to reach your goals, guide you on the path to success and help you achieve excellence.

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