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Student Associations

There are many student groups at the school:

Student associations and their committees _ These groups organize activities by program. An amount is charged in tuition as membership fee to the student organization of the student's program.

Student Associations  
AECS Graduate Studies Student Association
AEHEC Undergraduate Student Association
AEMBA MBA Student Association
AEPC Certificate Program Student Association


Interest groups and their committees _ These groups organize activities for all students regardless of their programs.

Interest Groups  
AIDAe Groupe d'Aide aux Initiatives et au Développement d'Activités étudiantes _ Initiatives and Development of Student Activities Help Group
AIESEC Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales _ Leadership Experiences and International Internships
CCM Club Consultation et Management _ Consulting Activities
Challenges Sailing Competitions
Comité CPA Student Group of the CPA Order
Expression Arts and Culture
FAM Forum des Affaires Mondiales / Global Business Forum _ Discovery and Promotion of Emerging Countries' Business Cultures
FPHEC Comité Fonds de placement étudiant étudiant HEC Montréal _ Investment Club actively managing a real portfolio of more than $150,000
HEChange Dedicated to the students who arrive in exchange and those who get ready to leave
HumaniTERRE Fair Trade, Environmental and Social Responsability in Business
NOVA Volunteering
SRA Société de relations d'affaires HEC Montréal _ Organization of Professional Activities
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