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Rent: Payment and Rent Increases


Rent payments

Rent increases



Rent payments


+  How should I pay my rent?

We strongly recommend that you write a check and never pay your rent in cash.  Always ask for a receipt if you paid in cash.  If you paid by check your bank statement will be proof that the payment was made.   Many renters provide a series of post-dated checks to their landlord.  This is allowed for your convenience, it is never mandatory.

+  Where are rent payment made?

This is detailed in your lease document

+  Is the renter allowed a delay to pay the month rent?

No, the full rent payment is due on the first day of the month unless another day is specified on the lease document.  Note that you CAN NOT be expelled by your landlord unless you are more than 3 weeks late and you were late more than once. Expulsion orders are granted by the Régie du Logement only.

+  What happens if I pay my rent late?

If you fail to pay your rent, it means that your landlord will also be late paying for expenses.  You may be required to pay interest charges on the amount owed.  If this situation occurs more than once, the landlord may lodge a complaint with the Régie du Logement and have you expelled from the apartment.

+  Must I pay the twelve monthly payments at once?

Rent payments are normally done month to month on the first day of the month.   Your landlord likely asked you to give him a deposit when you signed your lease, to cover the first month of your lease. The landlord may not legally require you to provide any other deposit or a series of post-dated checks.  It is however common practice for landlord to try to get the last month’s rent as a security deposit.  Use your judgement to determine if you accept this condition or prefer to appeal to the Régie du Logement for a ruling.


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Rent increases


+  What is the proper way for my landlord to request a rent increase?

For a 12 month lease, you must receive notice 3 to 6 months before the lease terminates.  The rent increase is effective when your current lease expires.

+  What is the authorized rent increase?

Each year, the Régie du Logement prepares a calculation grid base on the year of construction, heating costs, renovations costs, municipal tax adjustments, etc. Consult the Régie du Logement website for details.

+  What should I do if the rent Increase is unreasonable?

If your landlord is requesting a rent increase that greatly exceeds the calculation of the Régie du Logement and you feel it is unjustified, you should try to negotiate with him.  If you can not reach an agreement, you should send him a registered letter within 30 days of the notice.  This letter should state that you are refusing the rent increase.  Be sure to retain a copy and proof of delivery and the date of delivery.  In this case, it is the landlord that will turn to the Régie du Logement. The board will set the rent increase based on the maintenance costs of the building.  The Régie’s decision is binding, you must accept the new rent set by the Court, and you will NOT have the option to leave.


For more information, consult the Régie’s website.

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