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What should I check during an apartment visit?


  • Do not be afraid to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable in the space you will be renting.
  • Is the heating included? If not, call Hydro Québec or Gas Metro to found out the costs before signing the lease.
  • Verify if there is a washing machine and a tumble-dryer in the building and their cost-in-use if necessary. Ask to see it. If no washing machine or dryer are in the building, ask about the closest laundromat.
  • Check that the kitchen appliances function properly. Turn them on, open the refrigerator etc. If furnished, ask if the furnishing will be the exact ones you would have or if they belong to the current renter.
  • Make sure the locks work and the building is secure.
  • Bathroom: verify the water pressure of the shower, the cleanliness, the presence of humidity
  • Sound insulation: ask about the other tenants in the building. Are they students? Families? Does the landlord live in the building? Inquire about the type of persons who live in the building
  • Verify the window insulation (avoid old, wooden ones).
  • What is the available storage space?
  • Inquire about the nearby businesses (grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.)
  • If you are visiting an apartment you will be sharing with roommates, meet with them and ask about their living habits (night owl vs. morning person, cleanliness, noise preferences, their idea of a good roommate, etc.)

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