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Housing search: What can a landlord ask me?


Rental laws allow the landlord to:

  • Ask for housing, work and banking references that he may use to perform a credit check on you.
  • Request that someone co-sign the lease of students without sufficient revenue in Canada.
  • Limit the number of persons authorised to occupy the apartment.

It is UNLAWFUL for the landowner to:

  • Ask for your credit card number, your passport number, bank account number or Social Insurance Number. However many landlords insist on this information on their request form. You may ask the Régie du Logement or use your own judgement before providing this confidential information.
  • Require you to provide post-dated checks for the eleven remaining months of your lease. You are allowed to provide those if you find this convenient, but a landlord cannot require you to do so.
  • Ask for a deposit for the last month’s rent or any other amount that exceeds one month’s rent (see above).
  • Require you to leave a security deposit for the keys or any future damage claims against you.

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