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Housing search: Type of housing available


Before you start your search, ask yourself what type of housing you seek. Here are the main types of offers you will find:

Renting an apartment on your own

Renting an apartment by yourself is a good option, but it will cost you the most money. It is well suited for people who prefer to live alone.

Flat sharing with roommates (or renting a room)

Flat (apartment) sharing with other students is a very popular option in Québec. It is a good way for students from remote areas and international students to successfully adapt to living in Montréal. It is an affordable form of housing that reduces costs by sharing many monthly costs.


  Finding a room within a flat share: Finding an apartment to share with others:
  Join an existing Flat Share with a group of students offering an available bedroom Rent a bedroom in a Flat Share organized by the owner and rented room by room. Rent an apartment with one or two extra bedrooms and find your own roommates. Form a group of roommates and look for an apartment together.
Contract Sign a lease for your bedroom directly with the owner or sign a flat share Agreement* with the roommate who signed the apartment lease. You will sign a lease directly with the owner for your bedroom only. You will be responsible for the lease and your roommates will sign a flat share agreement* with you. You will all sign the lease as a group and will be collectively and individually accountable for payment of the rent (should one roommate fail to pay his share, you will need to compensate).
Advantages You will choose who you live with You will be responsible for only your own rent

You will choose your roommates yourself

You will not assume the entire risk of the lease and rent payments on your own.

Installation costs are greatly reduced: you will only have to furnish your room and will avoid often complicated steps (installing a phone line or opening an account with the electric company.
Disadvantages You will have to make compromises and adapt to the existing way of living in the flat share. You will not choose your roommates, the owner recruits them himself. You must be able to fully pay for the rent should a roommate leave or fail to pay his share.  
You will usually need to get furniture for all rooms of the apartment.

*Signing a flat share agreement offers more flexibility (e.g. duration) than a lease and is perfectly legal.

Student residences at Université de Montréal

The Université de Montréal residences are located within a 10-minute walking distance of HEC Montréal. An 8-month lease is required. The price of a single room is approximately $350 per month and includes many services. Registration (in French) at:

The number of rooms is very limited, so register as soon as possible. Registration opens in February. For the winter semester, you will be automatically listed on the waiting list.

Exchange students should contact the International Student Affairs Office before registration.

Living with a homestay family

Taking a room in a family environment removes all of the obligations of a rental lease agreement and is more economical than an apartment. This option is also an interesting way for a student to quickly connect with Montrealers and adapt to his new environment. If you wish to live with a family, be sure to check the location of the house and avoid the more isolated suburbs of Montréal. You should also check the various house rules regarding meals hours and curfews. 

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