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Housing search: Setting up an apartment visit


  • Make use of HEC Montréal’s good reputation.  If you are an international student, we recommend you bring a Québécois with you when you go sign your lease if at all possible. Bring your school admission letter, your passport and your Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).


  • Check the apartment’s location. Determine how easy it will be to get to school in the worst days of Montréal winters. Use the STM’s “Tous Azimuts” trip planner or Google Maps to estimate the travel time from your apartment to the school. You may also want to check evening and night bus service to this area to get back from working late or going out with friends.


  •  Make your list of criteria to check during the apartment visit. See our other pages for tips on how to get started.


  • Visit more than one apartment before making a decision. The price or description of an apartment can never determine the actual quality of the place. Most landlords would never consider renting to someone they have never met and the same goes for roommates looking for someone to share their flat share. This is why your search can not really start before you get to Montréal.

BE CAREFUL! NEVER sign a lease before you have visited the apartment and met with the landlord and roommates.


Next step: What should I check during an apartment visit?

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