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The program is divided into 3 phases.

The Ph.D. in Administration is offered during the day, full time and should normally be completed within 4 years.

The program includes a minimum full-time residency of three years.

Phase III supervisory committee

The role of your Phase III supervisory committee is to supervise your research project.

Your committee must have at least three members from the management faculties of the four participating universities of the Joint PhD program, including:

  • The committee chair, who must be from HEC Montréal.
  • At least two other members, one of whom must come from one of the three other universities in the joint program.
  • An additional member (optional) may be invited to join the committee if the other members consider it necessary.

Your Phase III committee may be the same as your Phase II committee.

Approval of Phase III

Your Phase III form must be approved during the term following your comprehensive exam.

The form must be completed on screen before being submitted for approval by the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office and the Joint Committee. The form has to be approved before you publicly present your thesis proposal.

Once all your Committee members and yourself have signed the Phase III form, you must bring it to the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office.

Writing a thesis

One guide and two templates are at your disposal to assist you in writing your thesis:

  1. Guidelines For Writing an Academic Work At a Graduate Level
  2. Template for a thesis in classic form
  3. Template for a thesis in form of articles
  • Writing a thesis in the form of papers

You must obtain authorization from the Academic Affairs Office before presenting your thesis proposal. Complete the authorization to write a thesis in the form of papers (Internet Explorer only) and submit it to the program's secretary ( 

Once you have received the authorization (form signed by the Ph.D. Program Director), you must obtain, if applicable (any of your papers has already been published or is in the process of publication), the agreement of the co-authors and the authorization of the publication director (Internet Explorer only).

Consult the template for a thesis in form of articles.

  • Writing a thesis in English

If you wish to write your entire thesis in English (traditional format or in the form of papers), you must first obtain the authorization of the Ph.D. Program Director before publicly presenting your thesis proposal, by sending an email to the program's secretary ( It is mandatory to include an abstract in French even though your thesis is entirely written in English.

Presenting your progress report

The Thesis Proposal Progress Report (Internet Explorer only) describe the progression of your thesis project. This progress report must be completed before the end of 9th semester following registration, if the thesis proposal has not been presented or, during the 7th semester following registration for students admitted before fall 2016.

Please fill-in, sign and make sure that your supervisor signs it to. Once completed, submit your Thesis Proposal Progress Report to the program's analyst (

Thesis proposal

Once your Phase III supervisory committee has approved your thesis proposal, you must : 

  • decide on the date and time of your public presentation and
  • send the following information to the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office at least three weeks in advance (
    • The date and time of presentation of your thesis proposal.
    • An electronic version of your thesis proposal, in PDF format;
    • Two abstracts (about 1 to 2 pages): one in French and one in English, two separate Word documents;
    • The Notice of submission of thesis proposal form, completed and signed.
You are responsible for submitting a version of his proposal to all members of his committee.


  • a 45-minute presentation by the student
  • a 45-minute question period

The Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office, for its part, will prepare the form attesting that the thesis proposal was successfully presented, and forward it to the thesis supervisor, who will make sure that all the necessary signatures are obtained. The signed form must be submitted to the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office after the public presentation.

Validation of the thesis presentation

You are responsible for ensuring that your thesis meets the established presentation standards.

When you are ready to make your initial submission, you must send an email to, where the format of your dissertation document will be validated by a Technicienne en documentation from the Myriam and J. Robert Ouimet Library.

Initial submission

The submission deadlines for 2017-2018 are as follows:


Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018
August 17 December 14 April 19


When you are ready to proceed with your thesis initial submission, it is preferable to make an appointment with the program’s secretary (

 When submitting your thesis, you must bring the following documents:

  • Four paper copies of the thesis (five if you have a co-supervisor). They must be printed on both sides and may be bound with a blue or white hard cover;
  • One (PDF) format copy;
  • Notice of submission of Ph.D. thesis form;
  • Ethical approval certificate and Attestation of completed ethics approval approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB), or the official notice confirming that your research does not require the approval of the REB.
  • The Appointment of a doctoral thesis jury form, completed by your thesis supervisor and the Members of the doctoral thesis jury form, in paper and electronic (MS Word) format. The CVs (including publications) of the two proposed external examiners must also be attached.
  • Two abstracts: one in French and one in English, two separate Word documents for the souvenir program: model for the souvenir program

If you have been dismissed from the program, it is possible to be readmitted. The process is different depending on the length of time you were dismissed. If accepted, you must apply for readmission by completing the short admission form and submitting it to the program's secretary when you submit your thesis. You will have to pay the tuition fees for the current term.  

Composition of the thesis jury

The thesis jury is validated by the Ph.D. Program Academic Affairs Office on the recommendations of the thesis supervisor. The jury members include: 

  • a committee chair (a professor from HEC Montréal) who was not a member of your supervisory committees
  • an external examiner (a recognized expert who does not work in one of the joint program management faculties)
  • your thesis supervisor (co-supervisors share one vote)
  • a jury member (generally from your Phase III committee)

For information on the mandate and tasks of each jury member, please refer to the document entitled Policy on choosing the thesis jury and organizing the thesis defence.

Defending your thesis

The thesis jury may accept your thesis for defence, reject it or allow you to submit it only once after corrections. A maximum of one year period is allowed. Your candidacy is terminated if the jury unanimously rejects your thesis before or after you defended it.

Once the jury has been formed and your thesis accepted for defence, your committee chair will set a date and time for the defence with the other members and yourself. He or she will then inform the program's secretary using the “Preliminary jury report” form. Reception of the preliminary report is mandatory in order to begin the logistics and organization of the defence.  Take note that there must be a 4-week-period between the date setting and the thesis defence.

A few days before the defence, the program's secretary will give to the committee chair the Final doctoral thesis jury report, the Thesis evaluation report by the jury members, the three forms confirming that you have met the learning objectives and programs. He or she is responsible for obtaining all signatures.

Thesis defence:

  • a 45-minute presentation by the student
  • a 45-minute question period

Once you have defended your thesis, the committee chair must submit the reports duly signed by all the jury members, the forms and the external examiner report signed and dated to the program's secretary.

Final submission

When you are ready to submit the final version of your thesis, it would be preferable to make an appointment with the program’s secretary (

After making minor corrections requested once you have defended your thesis and validated its presentation, you must submit:

The electronic copy (PDF format) is considered to be the final and original thesis copy. In the event of a discrepancy between the electronic and paper copies, the PDF document will be considered as the original.

The thesis will be kept and preserved in the archives of HEC Montréal.

Attestation of studies and issuance of diploma

See the "Diploma" section in the left-hand menu.

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