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The program is divided into 3 phases.

The Ph.D. in Administration is offered during the day, full time and should normally be completed within 4 years.

The program includes a minimum full-time residency of three years.

Specialization – Minimum 30 credits

The specialization phase comprises from 7 to 12 courses, including one pedagogy course and a minimum of one methodology course. It also includes a comprehensive exam (9 credits). Writing a scientific article is also required for some specializations. The writing starts at the first summer (3rd semester) and must be completed before the end of the coursework.

This phase is decided upon jointly with the Phase II supervisory committee and must be approved by both committees; Local and Joint.

Each specialization has its own structure:



Length : Maximum 2 years.

Course selection

One role of your Phase II supervisory committee is to guide you with your course selection.

You can register your courses one term at a time. Not all courses are offered every term. Every year in mid-May, the course schedules for the next three terms are published. When choosing your courses, take into account the courses available in those three terms.

In addition to the courses in your specialization, you must attend the Research Integrity workshop (one three-hour session) on responsible research. For information on the date of this workshop (80-490-11), use the “Recherche Cours” tool on HEC en ligne.

 You will be registrered to this workshop automatically by the Registrar’s Office.

Phase II - supervisory committee

Your committee must have at least three members from the management faculties of the four participating universities, including:

  • The committee chair, who must be from HEC Montréal.
  • At least two other members, one of whom must be from one of the three other universities in the joint program.
  • An additional member (optional) may be invited to join the committee if the other members consider it necessary.

In addition to guiding you in choosing your courses, the Phase II supervisory committee organizes the comprehensive exam and supervise the writing of the scientific article, if any.

Approval of your research project by the Research Ethics Board

All students enrolled in the HEC Montréal Ph.D. program must make a statement of ethical responsibility to the Research Ethics Board, no matter what type of data collection they use, before receiving their phase II form approval.

Approval of Phase II

Before having completed 15 course credits (after 9 course credits), usually during the 2nd semester, you must have:

  • formed your Phase II supervisory committee;
  • finalized your course choices jointly with the committee;
  • submit a statement of ethical responsibility to the Research Ethics Board;
  • had your Phase II curriculum approved by the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office, the local and joint committees.

Your form must be an original, which means, completed on screen with the handwritten signatures of all committee members. Also, you must bring it in a timely manner to the office located at the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office.

Comprehensive exam

The comprehensive exam takes one term and includes a written exam (6 credits) and an oral exam (3 credits). It must be taken in the two months after you have completed your coursework.

When the date of the oral part of the comprehensive exam is known, you must notify the PhD program Academic Affairs Office, at, so that the forms can be sent to the chair of your Phase II supervisory committee.

Following your comprehensive exam, the form must be submitted to the Ph.D. program Academic Affairs Office.

For more information concerning the procedures for the comprehensive exam as well as the related rules and regulations.

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