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Comprehensive exam sequence
To the intention of Phase II committee members


The student must take and pass a comprehensive exam, which includes a written exam (6 credits) and an oral exam (3 credits).

The procedure for the comprehensive exam are as follows:

  • As soon as possible after the Phase II committee has been formed, the chair advises the student on how to prepare for the written and oral exams.

  • A single letter grade is given for the comprehensive exam and takes into account both the written and oral exams. In order to pass, the student must get at least a B+ grade. The grade is determined by a majority of votes. In case of a tie, the chair has a deciding vote. When there is a co-chair, only one deciding vote is admitted for two supervisors.

  • Only students who pass the written exam are allowed to take the oral exam.

  • Both exams must be taken at the latest during the two months period following the coursework completion. For this purpose terms are defined as follows :
    • Fall : September 1 to December 31
    • Winter : January 1 to April 30
    • Summer : May 1 to August 31

      Any student who does not meet this requirement will be deemed to have failed the comprehensive exam and dismissed. If the program director considers that the student’s failure to meet the deadline was due to a case of absolute necessity, he may exceptionally grant an extension of a single term.

  • The exam dates are jointly set by the Phase II committee and the student. In case of a disagreement, the program director will set the dates.

  • The maximum duration of the written exam is four weeks. It runs from the date the student receives the first question to the date the student submits the answer to the last question.

  • The oral exam takes place in the presence of all Phase II committee members.

  • The committee can postpone the exam only once and the extension granted cannot exceed one term.

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