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Non-residents of Québec

The ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) requires Quebec universities to charge differential tuition fees to all Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada born outside Quebec and deemed to be "non-residents of Quebec" (NRQ). This government policy aims to standardize Quebec’s tuition fees with those in effect in the other provinces of Canada.


As such, students deemed to be "non-residents of Quebec" (NRQ) must pay Quebec tuition fees plus a fixed amount of $124.45 per credit.


If you wish to be exempted from the additional tuition fees, you may :

  1. Fill out the Attestation of Québec resident status for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada form.
  2. Attach the required documents according to your situation.
  3. Promptly return the documents by email to

Please note that the change in status applies only as of the term for which the documents were provided to the Office of the Registrar; they may not be applied retroactively to previous terms.

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