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Supervised project

Guides and tools

Students are encouraged to contact the professor in charge of their specialization for more information on supervised projects.

> Supervised project: Guidelines and requirements
This guide is a work tool for students. It outlines the supervised project stream process, explaining the 4 types of projects, requirements and administrative procedures.

> Guidelines for writing an academic work at a graduate level
Before submitting your supervised project report, read this guide carefully. It contains information on the steps in submitting and presenting it.

> MSc Supervisory relationship implementation guide for professors and students
The purpose of this guide is to help MSc students and their supervising professors manage the supervisory relationship essential to the successful completion of a Master’s thesis or supervised project.

> Supervised project : Choosing a supervised project in an organization
Career Management Services explains all the steps to follow if you decide to do your supervised project in an organization.

> MSc Program learning goals and objectives
To meet AACSB International certification requirements, the MSc program administration has adopted a series of goals and objectives that students must meet during their studies.

5 types of supervised projects

You have the choice of 5 types of supervised projects:

Supervised project in an organization* Supervised projects at the university
1. Intervention mandate

*French/English bilingualism required
2. Large-scale case study
3. Specific research mandate
4. Expert opinion
5. Entrepreneurial Project

For more information, please refer to the MSc supervised projects: Guidelines and requirements guide.

Registering for the supervised project

You must submit your supervised project proposal before having completed 36 course crédits. Once approved by all the parties, the Office of the Registrar will register you to the supervised project course.

+  Step 1 - Approval from the Research Ethics Board (REB)

Together with his/her supervised project director, the student evaluates the nature of the project in order to determine the need for approval from HEC Montréal’s Research Ethics Board (REB).

Fill out the questionnaire to determine the need for approval of your project.

If you have any questions, please contact

+  Step 2 - Confidentiality agreement (supervised project in an organization)

The organization in which you are carrying your supervised project could ask for a confidentiality agreement to be signed. In such case, you can use the template made specifically for students in the master program.

+  Step 4 - Supervised project

Students can only start their supervised project after submitting the Approval of a credited supervised project form. At that time, the MSc administration will register the student to the supervised project.

Once registered, the student must complete the supervised project in two terms.

Language of the supervised project report

If you wish to write your supervised project report in English, you must first obtain the approval of the program administration, by completing this form (also available in French).

This approval is automatic for specializations in English.

Submitting the supervised project report

It can take up to 12 weeks to process and evaluate your report and for you to be awarded your diploma. Please take this into consideration if you need to renew a study permit, submit a post-diploma permit application or confirm your attendance at convocation.

+  Step 1 - Make an appointment

A few weeks in advance, make an appointment to submit your thesis. Click here and enter your email address ( and your password.

Submission term Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Summer 2018**

August 8 to 15, 2017
 December 11 to 14, 2017

April 17 to 20, 2018

August 13 to 16, 2018

*Candidates wishing to submit their project reports ahead of time may make an appointment at any time.
**Foreign students completing their program at the summer term must submit their supervised project before August 15th.

+  Step 2 - Initial submission

Make sure to bring the following duly completed documents to the first appointment for submitting your supervised project report:

1. Two printed double-sided and bound copies of the supervised project report (three copies if there are two co-directors),

2. The Authorization to submit a supervised project form, signed by your director,

3. Authorization from the REB, if necessary:

- If your supervised project required data collection from human subjects (see the “Registering for a supervised project” section, above), submit the authorization form from the Research Ethics Board (REB) and the Attestation d'approbation éthique complétée form (in French only);
- Otherwise, submit the Research not requiring approval from the Research Ethics Board form;

4. The checklist for submitting supervised project reports.

+  Step 3 - Corrections

The jury members may ask for major changes to your supervised project report. You must submit your corrected report to your project director no later than one month after receiving this notice.

+  Step 4 - Final submission

The degree-granting process is not complete until the final submission of your supervised project:

    1. Save the final version of your supervised project in PDF format and name it as 
        follows: Lastname_Firstname_Year_Supervised_project.pdf.

            a. Your last name without accents
            b. Your first name without accents
            c. Year of submission as shown on your title page (year only, no month or day)
            d. Supervised_project
            e. Extension (.pdf) in lower case

    2. Send it to

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