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Global supply chain management - Dual degree

Yossiri Adulyasak
Academic advisor


Students who successfully complete the Global Supply Chain Management - Dual Degree Program course requirements at HEC Montreal and at the University of Melbourne will be awarded the relevant degrees from both institutions: Master of Science in Administration (M.Sc.) from HEC Montreal and Master of International Business from the University of Melbourne.




Interested candidates must meet all the general admission criteria for the M.Sc. program and submit their application before the fall term deadline.


Number of students


A maximum of 5 students will be admitted to this program per year.


Condition of entry into Melbourne's courses


Students who have completed the first year of the M.Sc Global Supply Chain Management Dual Degree program at HEC Montréal and who satisfy the following criteria can enter the second year of the Master in International Business offered at Melbourne:


Students responsibilities


When an HEC Montreal student is admitted at Melbourne to continue the Global Supply Chain Management - Dual Degree program, he/she must:

  • Enroll at the University of Melbourne and pay all costs associated with enrolment, accommodation, travel and transportation, passport and visa costs, medical and travel insurance and all other expenses incurred while studying at the University of Melbourne;
  • Comply with the conditions of their visa;
  • Pay tuition fees for the relevant Courses to the University of Melbourne (approximately 35 000$); and
  • Comply with all statutes, regulations, policies, procedures and performance standards that are relevant to the University of Melbourne.



Structure 2017-2018

HEC Montréal : Compulsory Courses of the Specialization

HEC  Montréal : Compulsory Methodology Courses

HEC Montréal : Optional Courses of the Specialization

HEC Montréal : Compulsory Course of the Program

HEC Montréal : Compulsory Activity

9 credits

University of Melbourne : 8 courses

3 foundation subjects:

  • ECON90025 Cooperation and Conflict in World Trade
  • IBUS90004 Cross Cultural Management and Teamwork
  • And one of:
    • MGMT90140 Management Competencies
    • MGMT90141 Business Analysis and Decision Making

2 compulsory core subjects:

  • IBUS90003 Managing the Multinational
  • MGMT90146 Strategic Management

3 constrained core (chosen from the following 4 subjects):

  • IBUS90002 Asian Business and Management
  • MKTG90004 International Marketing Management
  • MGMT90027 International Human Resource Management
  • MGMT90038 Global Corporate Governance

HEC Montréal : Preparatory Course

3 credits

Undergraduate courses may be imposed by the Academic Advisor if prior learning does not meet option requirements.

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