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FAQ - Preparatory courses

What's the difference between preparatory and prerequisite courses?

A preparatory course is a 3-credit, undergraduate-level course in your field of study. Depending on your academic background, you may be required to complete preparatory courses to be better equipped for your M.Sc. studies.


Do I have to complete them before I start my master’s courses?

It is strongly advised to complete preparatory courses during your first semester in the M.Sc.


Can I know the preparatory requirements in advance?

The analysis of your admission file determines the preparatory courses you will be required to complete. Every file is analysed individually, on the basis of the courses taken previously. Therefore, we cannot provide a list of requirements in advance.


How many preparatory courses will I be required to complete?

Since every admission file is analysed individually, we cannot forecast how many courses you will be required to take. However, you should be able to complete all required courses within one or two semesters.


I have to complete some preparatory courses. How will that affect the duration of my studies?

Preparatory courses extend the duration of your studies. That said, you have five years as of your admission semester to complete your M.Sc. degree no matter how many preparatory courses are part of the requirement.


I have completed courses that I consider equivalent to the preparatory courses that I am required to take. Can I request a waiver of this requirement?

You can ask for a waiver of the requirement for your preparatory courses before the beginning of your first semester. To do so, you need to send your academic supervisor an email with the following information: 

  • Your student ID;
  • M.Sc. Admission semester;
  • Names of preparatory courses you wish to review;
  • Syllabi of the courses you took that could be equivalent;
  • Your official transcript showing that you successfully completed these courses.  

Note that no waiver of a course requirement will be granted on the basis of the completion of a M.Sc., highschool or collegial course, nor on the basis of professional experience.


I lost the list of required courses, and I don’t know which preparatory courses I have to complete.

To get the list of the required preparatory courses you have to complete in order to graduate, click on Preparatory Phase in the section Inscription in your HEC en ligne.

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