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Consulting or Integration Project

One of the distinctive advantages of our MBA is the consulting (full-time students) or integration (part-time students) project in the final phase of the program. It’s an opportunity to put your new skills into practice in a real-life organizational setting.

As part of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, you will take on a specific mandate from start to finish, under a professor’s supervision. This will give you a chance to apply your knowledge, draw on your know-how and demonstrate your leadership aptitudes. 

Consulting Field Project

  • For full-time students
  • 5 credits
  • Over 5 weeks
  • 4-student team
  • 800 to 1,000 hours devoted to planning and carrying out the mandate, plus oral and written reports
  • One team for project

Integration Project

  • For part-time students (offered in French)
  • 2 credits
  • Over 4 weeks
  • 4-student team
  • 350 to 500 hours devoted to planning
  • All teams on the same project

Consulting Field Project

More than 550 mandates carried out to date

Projects related to business management, including:

  • Internal Corporate Restructuring
  • Implementation of a Continuous-Quality Process
  • Strategic Introduction of New Technologies
  • Development of a Product Marketing Strategy
  • Process Re-engineering – Purchasing, Shipping, Customer service, etc.
  • Internal Policy Review: Meeting Regulatory Body Standards
  • Changes in Human Resources Management
  • Action Plan for the Introduction of e-Commerce
  • Strategy for the Acquisition of a Partner or Competitor

International projects, including:

  • Business Opportunity Assessment – A Detailed Analysis of the Market for a Product or Service
  • Developing a Business Network – Finding Suppliers and Partners
  • Cooperative Project with a Humanitarian Organization

Download the brochure for consulting field projects (599 kB)

Integration Project

The nature of the integration projects relates to strategic issues entrepreneurs have regarding the growth and the future of their company.

Students work on the project on a part-time basis during a four-week period. As all teams will be assigned to the same project, the enterprise will have the opportunity to receive different propositions to answer their strategic issue.

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