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Language requirements
Time required to receive your diploma
Graduation ceremonies
Duplicate diploma

Language requirements

HEC Montréal has introduced a specific language policy for the MBA program, designed to give graduates the distinctive asset of fluency in more than one language. Under this language policy, students must have knowledge of a second language to be able to graduate (English, French or another language).

Students whose mother tongue is not English

Most newly admitted MBA students do meet the language requirements of the program. Students whose mother tongue is not English, and who have not completed their education in English, take an appropriate English language test (the HECTOPE, TOEFL or IELTS) as required for admission to the program. Thus, these students meet the language requirements by declaring their mother tongue in their admission application and by successfully passing one of the above English language test.

Students whose mother tongue is English

Students in this category must provide evidence of a good knowledge in a second language to obtain their MBA degree. For example, this requirement will be met if :

  • The student has completed previous studies in a language other than that chosen for his or her MBA program.
  • The student successfully completes a test designed by HEC Montréal.
  • The student has successfully completed a foreign language course given by a recognized institution.
  • The student holds a certificate of language proficiency issued by a recognized organization (i.e. intermediate level Certificate in French as a second language, Université de Montréal).
  • The student successfully completes, if he or she is has no knowledge of French, the courses 50-070-06 French on Fridays- Break the ice, start speaking, 50-071-06 French on Fridays – Feel at ease in conversation and 50-072-06 French on Fridays – Build on the basics. In addition the student will be exempted from 1.5 credits for phase 3 of the program if he or she successfully completes these three courses.

For additional information please write to


Time required to receive your diploma 

Expect to wait approximately five months between the time you complete your studies and the time your diploma is issued. In the meantime, you can request a declaration stating that you have graduated, by completing the Official Document Request form. This information will also appear on your academic transcript.

Students’ diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on HEC en ligne.

Graduation ceremonies

Student Services organizes the annual graduation ceremonies. Refer to the Convocation ceremonies.

Duplicate diploma

Obtaining a duplicate of a diploma

Please note that only the person whose name appears on the diploma may request a duplicate. To obtain one, that person must fill out the appropriate form and do the following:  

Have the form signed by a commissioner of oaths (see below for information on locating a commissioner of oaths).
Submit the form, along with the required payment (as stated on the form) to one of the following addresses, depending on the submission method:
By mail HEC Montréal – Office of the Registrar
3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road
Montreal, Quebec  H3T 2A7 
In person Office of the Registrar
Decelles Building – Suite 2.260
Check the hours of operation


Please allow up to six weeks for delivery of the duplicate. 


Commissioner of oaths

To locate a commissioner of oaths, contact:

  • The Office of the Registrar, Decelles Building, Room 2.260
  • Provincial, federal or municipal government organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • The Justice Québec Web site

Abroad, you can ask for a signature authentication or an authentication of documents.

For further information, call us at 514-340-6151 or write to us.

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