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Newly admitted guide - Preparatory year in English (not available for Fall 2017)

For those newly admitted to the preparatory year of the B.B.A. in English, the best way to ensure a successful term at HEC Montréal is to follow the steps below.

Note that you do not have to register for your courses. The B.B.A. program’s Administrative Office will complete your registration.

We wish you a very successful term!


+  Step 1: Reply to the offer of admission




High school diplomas, IB and students of other Canadian educational systems 

June 1

Preparatory classes, university studies outside Canada and holders of "baccalauréat de l'enseignement secondaire"

July 15


1 - Reply to the offer of admission on HEC en ligne 

2 - Make a first instalment payment of CA$350 (EUR€250 or US$350)

  • Your deposit guarantees you a spot and will be deducted from your tuition fees.
  • No invoice will be issued.

          HEC Montréal – Office of the Registrar
          3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road
          Montreal, Quebec, H3T 2A7

          For more details, see the methods of payment.

+  Step 2: Configure your HEC Montréal e-mail account

24 hours after confirming the offer of admission.

See My HEC Montréal e-mail account for more information.

+  Step 3: Begin your immigration process - International students

Steps to be taken upon receipt of the offer of admission, even if conditional
Arrival in Montréal: August 20

Obtaining the required study permits can be a lengthy process, so start procedures immediately upon receiving an offer of admission: Preparing for my departure

You must arrive in Montréal in time for orientation days. If you are delayed by immigration procedures, you will still need to arrive no later than September 2, 2014. After this date, it will be too late to include you in the courses.

If you are under 18 years of age, click here.

+  Step 4: Find out about orientation days

      For more information, see the Fall events calendar: 4-year B.B.A.


Orientation activities are compulsory for all new international students.

+  Step 5: Fulfill the requirements of your offer of admission

Beginning of the school year: Tuesday, September 2

If you have received a conditional offer of admission, make sure you fulfill the requirements before courses begin. 

Failure to do so will result in your registration being cancelled.

+  Step 6: Choose your laptop computer

You may place your order as of June 15

Your courses require the use of a laptop computer configured according to HEC Montréal standards.

A. To purchase a laptop, Coop HEC Montréal offers:

  • 2014-2015 models of computers customized for your needs and for HEC Montréal’s technology environment. More details are available here (in French).
  • Guaranteed best prices on these models.
  • A certified service centre dedicated exclusively to those who purchase a laptop at Coop HEC Montréal.
  • Loaners are available in case your laptop fails or is damaged (a handy service when papers are due).


B. If you already have a laptop:

  • You must ensure that your computer meets the HEC Montréal’s minimum software requirements (in French)..  
  • Should your laptop fail or be damaged, you will need to contact your vendor to arrange for repairs.

+  Step 7: Check your course schedule and account balance

Around mid-August

You do not have to register for your courses. The B.B.A. program’s Administrative Office will complete your registration. 


Available resources: 

     To find out what your total fees payable are, please refer to the fee table.

     Note that no group changes will be permitted.

+  Step 8: Attend the welcome days

A. Welcome day for international students


More details coming soon

     Go to the information desk at the International Student Affairs (ISA) Office in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine Building.

     During orientation day, you must:

- Present originals of your immigration documents
- Complete your mandatory registration for HEC Montréal’s health insurance plan
- Present, if applicable, any academic transcripts required for admission

     If you are unable to submit these documents during the welcome day, you must present them to the Office of the Registrar, located in room 5.120 of the Decelles Building, no later than September 2.


B. Welcome day for newly admitted students


Monday, August 25, for students registered for the B.B.A. preparatory year

     A few days before the welcome day, you will receive an invitation by e-mail.    

     This day is an opportunity for you to get to know other students in your group and the administrative office of your program, to find out what to expect of the first week of courses and to get information about your program of study.

+  Step 9: Take the tests

 - Take the test to assess your skills in mathematics - 

Test date : Tuesday, August 26
To find out the exact date time and room number, check your schedule on HEC en ligne.


You must take a placement test to assess your skills in mathematics and the prerequisites necessary so that you can take the two math courses offered in the fall.

Note that the result of this test will not affect your admission.

The goal of the test is to suggest refresher workshops online to help you get the school year off to a good start in mathematics, in case you did not pass certain parts of the test.


To access the test, please see the Mathematic Help Centre page (in French).


 - Take the placement tests - 

Language courses

Test dates - Oral section
English: Wednesday, August 27
French: Tuesday, August 26
Spanish: Thursday, August 28
  • For the first term, all students are registered for a business French course and, in some cases, a business Spanish course; some students will also be registered for a business English course. To assess your level of proficiency, you are required to take an oral placement test.

    The written section of the placement test is now given online. For more details, see the Business Language Training Center (in French).

  • To find out the time and room number for placement tests, check your schedule on HEC en ligne.

  • Once we receive your test results, we will register you for the French or Spanish business language course according to your level.  

+  Step 10: Purchase your school supplies

Order books a few days before classes begin.


Go to the Coop HEC Montréal page (in French): Books and Handouts section, to see the list of compulsory books for each of your courses.


See also:

- The list of approved calculators.
- The exam section of the 
Rules and Regulations page.


+  Step 11: Attend your first course

Start of courses: Tuesday, September 2

Go to your first course, bringing your laptop computer.

Check the room number for the course just before the first class, as last-minute changes are always possible.

Note that the course instructor has the right to deny access to any student who misses the first two classes of any course.

+  Step 12: Obtain your student ID card


Go to the Student Card page for more information. 


+  Step 13: Pay your tuition fees

Deadline : Thursday, September 18

See the methods of payment section for more information.

+  Stay well informed

For everything you need to know about the program, it is very important to refer the HEC Montréal web site:
- the program,
- tuition fees,
- rules and regulations,
- grades.

  • You alone are responsible for managing your course of study. 
    It is therefore up to you to read, understand and follow the rules. As such, we highly encourage you to consult the Specific rules applicable to B.B.A. program.

    To be able to continue in the B.B.A. program, you must pass all 30 credits of the preparatory year with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) equal to or greater than that established by the B.B.A. program's office, as detailed in the rules and regulations.

    At the end of your preparatory year, you may have to choose one of the progresses of the program of B.B.A. : 
    - In French (in French)
    - Bilingual B.B.A. (in French) that includes instruction in French and English from the outset
    - Trilingual B.B.A. (in French) that includes instruction in French, English, and Spanish from the outset
  • Admission to the Trilingual B.B.A.

Students who would like to switch to the trilingual B.B.A. are advised to sign up for a business Spanish course in the first term of their preparatory year if their course load allows, particularly if they do not already have an advanced level of Spanish proficiency. This would allow them to acquire, during their preparatory year, the Spanish skills required for admission to the trilingual B.B.A.

  • Important dates

These are listed in the 2014-2015 academic calendar.

  • Students with special needs

In order to follow their course of study successfully, students with a major functional or learning disability are invited to contact Student Services as soon as possible before the start of the term. This may be done by e-mail (, in person (room 5.202 in the Decelles building) or by phone (514-340-6165).




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