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FAQ - Course selection B.B.A.

Registration and waiting list  |  Exams and grades  |  Other questions


  Registration and waiting list 

+  When do I have to register ?

Refer to the appointment you received through HEC en ligne. Please note that there is no point attempting to register before the date and time mentioned under « My registration period » in HEC en ligne.

+  Are all courses given every term ?

No, so it is important to plan your courses according to the available courses and schedules in subsequent terms. In early June each year, course and exam schedules are published for the next three terms (fall, winter and summer).

+  I’m a first-year student. Can I change my schedule or drop courses ?

No, you may not change your schedule or drop only some of your first-level courses. For the first term, you must be registered in 15 credits of compulsory courses unless you were granted one or more equivalences. In the second term, you must be registered in the remaining 9 credits of first-level courses. For the remaining 6 credits, you must register in 2 second-level courses or in one language course worth 3 credits and one business functions course worth 3 credits.

+  May I register for courses with conflicting schedules or exam times ?

HEC en ligne will not allow you to register in courses with conflicting schedules. You must choose another course that does not conflict with the first.

+  What should I do if a course is full and I am unable to replace it with another course ?

You should put your name on the waiting list. However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a spot will open up.

+  If I’m on a waiting list, will I be registered in another group if a place opens up ?

Although the computer system manages the registration process, it does so only for the groups in which you are either registered or on a waiting list. If no spot opens up in your group, the system will not register you in another group. If you would like to change groups, you are responsible for doing so through HEC en ligne.

+  If I'm on a waiting list, ll'be notified once I've been registered in the course ?

Yes, you will be notified by email the morning following the registration.

+  What are electives ?

Within your B.B.A. (with the exception of the Professional Accounting specialization), you are allowed to take a maximum of 3 credits worth of elective courses, or courses in a field other than management, such as a language course offered at HEC Montréal or any course at another university in Quebec.

+  How can I register for an elective course at another university ?

You need to register online through the BIC Web site. On the right side of the screen, select "Authorization to transfer credits" and follow the instructions.


  Exams and grades

+  What happens if I fail a course ?

All compulsory courses in your program must be redone. To increase your cumulative grade point average (CGPA), you are advised to redo the failed course as quickly as possible, because only the last grade you receive for a given course is taken into account in the calculation of your CGPA.

+  I’ve redone a course but the original grade is still being used to calculate my CGPA.

Usually, your new CGPA will be available a month after the final exam period. All grades for a given term’s courses must be published before the CGPA can be recalculated using the course you have redone.

+  Do courses dropped without reimbursement count toward my average ?

Usually, your new CGPA will be available a month after the final exam period. All grades for a given term’s courses must be published before the CGPA can be recalculated using the course you have redone.

+  What happens if I miss an exam ?

You will receive a grade of 0 unless you complete the form used to notify an absence from an examination, you have to provide justification for your absence, for which a supporting document is required. Keep in mind that HEC Montréal may accept or reject the reason given for the absence. For further details, please refer to the form.

+  How can I view a copy of my final exam ?

You will find information relating to your question in the FAQ - Final exam : viewing your exam and requesting a revision.

+  Where can I get an official transcript or proof of registration ?

Go to the information desk at room 2.260 of the Decelles Building with your student card, or contact the Office of Registrar.

Click here for more information.


  Other questions

+  I’m interested in the exchange program.

For information on exchange programs and their conditions, refer to the Programmes d'échanges internationaux Web page. (in French)

If you are unable to find the answer to your question about selecting courses in this FAQ, write to us at remember to specify your name and student number.

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