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Attendance at examinations
Documentation allowed
Absence from an examination

 Attendance at examinations

  • Only registered students may sit an examination.
  • Students must report to their assigned examination room according to the alphabetical order of their family name.
  • Students must present their student cards to be admitted to the examination room.
  • Any students who arrive more than 45 minutes late will not be allowed to enter the examination room.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the examination room within the first 45 minutes, for any reason.
  • No one may leave and re-enter the examination room while an examination is in progress.

 Documentation allowed

  • The documentation allowed for a test or examination is specified in the test or exam booklet.
  • A printed translation dictionary is allowed if the language of instruction of the course (except for language courses) is English or Spanish. 
  • Only students whose mother tongue is not French may use a translation dictionary when the language of instruction of the course is French. In that case, they must go to the Information Counter, at the Office the Registrar, to affix a sticker on their student card.
  • Electronic or telecommunications devices are not allowed, unless specified in the test or exam booklet.
  • During an examination, no one may communicate with anyone else, share or exchange any objects or transmit any information electronically.
  • Offenders will be subject to penalties in accordance with the Règlement sur l'intégrité intellectuelle des étudiants.


If students are allowed to use a calculator, they must ensure that their device complies with the regulations and obtain a sticker.

Absence from an examination

Students who have a valid reason for missing an examination must complete the Notice of absence from an examination form and provide a copy of the supporting documents within five working days following the date of the examination. 

Only circumstances beyond the student’s control will be deemed valid, e.g. force majeure, an unforeseeable event or an illness attested to by a medical certificate.

No notice of absence will be accepted if the student has reported to the examination room.

Absence on medical grounds - Procedure
The medical certificate must attest to the student’s inability to attend on the scheduled examination date. A medical form indicating simply that a student consulted a doctor on a given date will not be considered sufficient. 

The student must submit the form through HEC en ligne under Upload documents > Student file > Attachment Type > Absence with cause. A reply will be sent to the student’s HEC Montréal e-mail address within two to three weeks.

Final examination: Students who justify their absence to the satisfaction of the Program Director must take the examination at a later date. See deferred examination.

Mid-term examination: Students who justify their absence to the satisfaction of the Program Director will be assigned the same mark for the mid-term examination as for their final examination.

Other assessment (e.g., quiz, team assignment) : The student must contact the professor (or course coordinator).

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