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Before the ceremony

  • You must arrive one and half hour prior to the ceremony to get your cap and gown and to be place in the correct sequence to enter the Convocation hall in a formal procession;
  • You are not seated with your guests during the ceremony and do not see each other until the end.


During the ceremony

  • You enter the Convocation hall in a formal procession and are followed by members of the faculty and staff. Guests are already seated;
  • You are be led, row by row, to get your marshalling card (name and last name) before going on stage;
  • On stage, you are directed to the Reader and have to give him your marshalling card;
  • The Reader read your name and last name and you cross the stage to receive your Congratulation Letter from Staff Members;
  • Two official photos are taken when you're on stage (one with Staff Members and one, alone);
  • You are seated again until the end of the ceremony.


After the ceremony

  • The Secrétaire Général invite the graduates and their guests to a celebratory vin d'honneur in the lobby;
  • Please, remember to return your gown before your leave. The School will bill you for the value of the gown if it not returned.


Useful Information

  • Be on time and do not forget your graduate ticket;
  • Keep your graduate ticket with you at all times! You be asked to present it several times during this event;
  • Remember that the gown do not close. What you wear will show;
  • Remember that the convocation venue does not accept purses, backpacks or other kiinds of bags at their coat check. Leave it to your guest prior to your arrival;
  • Please don't carry any flowers or other gifts. Leave these with your guests for later;
  • There are no child care facilities at the venue. Please make your child care arrangements before the ceremony.
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