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Research and teaching assistantships for Ph.D. students

Research assistantships

If you would like to become part of a research team during your studies, consider the possibilities offered each year within the teaching units and research chairs, centres and groups. Some professors could provide funding to help you carry out research relating to your dissertation. Note that these funding offers are made at the discretion of the professors and vary according to the available research funds, the topic of your research and your scholarly achievements.
Contact the professor in charge of your specialization to discuss your options.

Teaching assistantships

It is possible to get a teaching assistantship in one of HEC Montréal’s academic departments. This experience can serve as a good opportunity to discover teaching. To apply for a teaching assistantship, contact the head of the department that interests you or the Certificate Program department and provide him or her with your curriculum vitae.

As a Ph.D. student, you are allowed to teach up to three courses per year. However, to complete your degree as quickly as possible, you are encouraged to teach only one course per year. Renewals of teaching assistantships are based on student evaluations of the teaching assistant, the course coordinator and the department head.

Note: These employment opportunities can also be subject to the Work-study program for Canadian citizens and permanent residents or for international students subject to differential tuition fees.

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