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Working on campus : Eligibility criteria for international students

What are the conditions if I want to work on campus?

Students can work on their university campus without a work permit if they fulfill the following three conditions:

  • Study full time in a program
  • Have a valid study permit for the entire term
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)


How many hours can I work on campus?

Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year and full time during school holidays (they can work full time during the holidays, only if they don’t take courses during that period).


Where can I work?

In the case of an HEC Montréal student, the campus is defined as follows: HEC Montréal, Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique and all their services such as the CEPSUM or the Cooperatives.

Note to students subjected to differential tuition fees: Your job at one of the HEC Montréal departments could be 100% subsidized through the “Work-study program for international students” contest. That means that your employer would not have to pay your salary, which is a solid argument to convince him or her that you are the ideal candidate.

>> Find out more about the “Work-study program for international students” contest


How do I get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

In order to be able to work, whether on campus or not, an international student must have a Social Insurance Number. This number is different from the health insurance number. In the case of an on-campus job, you can get this number once you have an offer of employment in hand. For more information on how to get a Social Insurance Number, check the following link: Obtaining a Social Insurance Number.

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