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This section contains information on the various scholarships available at HEC Montréal to help you finance your studies.

Available scholarships include:

+  Entrance scholarships

Committed to fostering new generations of quality students, HEC Montréal offers admission scholarships for various programs. The scholarships are awarded to candidates with an outstanding academic record and above-average qualifications.

For more on entrance scholarships:

+  Academic Excellence scholarships

The Academic Excellence scholarships provided by our generous donors are managed by HEC and help our students succeed by rewarding those with outstanding academic performance. These scholarships are awarded twice a year – once in the fall and once in the winter – during an official ceremony where the recipients and donors meet face to face.

Refer to our Scholarship Directory, which contains useful information on eligibility, application procedures and deadlines.

For more on academic excellence scholarships:

  • Graduate diplomas (D.E.S.S.)
  • M.Sc. (completion of studies, excellence, best thesis)
  • Ph.D.

+  Bursaries covering differential tuition fees

These bursaries for international students reduce the tuition fees payable to the same level as those paid by students from Quebec. Priority is given to graduate students in the first four terms of study.

Bursaries covering differential tuition fees

+  Bursaries based on financial need

Bursaries based on financial need are provided by a number of donors wishing to help students who have an unexpected need for financial assistance. The bursaries are open to all students meeting the eligibility criteria described below, regardless of geographic origin or status in Canada.


Application Dates

  • Fall 2014: September 15th to October 2nd
  • Winter 2015: January 14th to 28th
  • Summer 2015: no competition


Eligibility criteria

  • Be a full-time student or deemed to be pursuing full-time
  • Have completed one term of full-time studies or that is deemed full-time studies
  • Have a cumulative grade point average deemed acceptable for your program of studies
  • Demonstrate a temporary and unexpected need for financial assistance, which threatens the continuation of your studies

Required documents

  • Online application form for bursaries based on financial needs
  • A copy of the lease or a letter from the owner of your building attesting your monthly rent
  • A copy of the transcript (a printout from HEC en ligne is sufficient)

If applicable to your situation:

  • A copy of the student financial assistance calculation dated within the last month
  • A copy of the spouse's student financial assistance calculation dated within the last month
  • A copy of the children's birth certificates


  • Fill in the online application form for bursaries based on finacial needs
  • Attach it with the other required documents and bring them to the Student Services Office
  • Make sure that we can read your name and your student number
  • Only one form to complete for bursaries based on financial need
  • Each application will be reviewed according to the bursaries listed in our directory

+  Entrepreneurship Bursaries


These bursaries are offered to HEC Montréal students who are presenting a business plan, a business proposal to encourage entrepreneurship.

Each entrepreneurship bursary is described on the Scholarships directory.


How to apply

1 - Prepare your supporting documents before the opening of the application period with the instructions below. 

2 - Complete the online application form

    • Click here to access the online application form (available during the application period only)
    • To log-in: use your as the username and your usual HEC online password.
    • Upload your supporting documents at the end of the online form. 
    • Once you have submitted your application, you are allowed to make changes until the end of the application period.
    • Students who are in a group for their business project must submit their application individually. Only one form per student is necessary.


Application dates

  • Fall semester: No entrepreneurship bursaries
  • Winter semester: mid-January, exact dates to come


Mandatory Supporting Documents

+  1 - Business Model Canval

Complete the following Business Model Canvas using this template. 

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the Business Model Canvas (available in French only).

+  2 - Project explanation letter


Write a project explanation letter of maximum 2 pages that will answer the following questions: 

  1. Explain the origin of your project's idea. 
  2. Define your customer market and what needs are your project catering for.
  3. Describe your offer (value proposition)
  4. Introduce your cost/benefice structure (profitability)

+  3 - Video

Prepare a video of maximum 2 minutes answering the following questions: 

  1. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
  2. Describe the journey that lead you where you are now (academic career, personal and professional experiences, etc.)
  3. What is the link between your journey and your business project?

Your video's link will be requested at the end of the form (you could use a Dropbox or YouTube link).

+  4 - Recommendation letter

Your recommendation letter has to be written by your project mentor, supervisor or the person guiding you throughout your business project. 

If nobody is acting as a "mentor", you can ask someone from your network who knows you and your project very well to write your recommendation letter. 

You will have to upload it as a PDF. 

The coordinates of the person who will wright the letter will be requested. (name, title, email, phone number)

+  5 - Curriculum Vitae

You will be asked to upload your CV in PDF.



Facultative Supporting Documents

  • Link towards your business project's website
  • Link towards your LinkedIn page

+  Scholarships from government granting agencies

Granting agencies run by the governments of Quebec and Canada provide bursaries to graduate students, specifically to Canadian citizens and permanent residents enrolled in the M.Sc. with Thesis option or the Ph.D. program.

+  Scholarships from external organizations

You may also be eligible for a number of scholarships managed by organizations that are not part of HEC Montréal. 


Accountancy Scholarships


Entrepreneurship Scholarships


Finance Scholarships


Language Scholarships


Marketing and advertising Scholarships


Scholarships for students from a specific community or region


Scholarships for local students wishing to study abroad


Scholarships for international students wishing to study in Canada


Scholarships Websites


Other Scholarships

Scholarship directory

Note to international students:
Although the Scholarship Directory lists a few sources of funding for international students, these grants are not sufficient to finance your studies in their entirety.

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