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Communicate effectively in Interviews

No one can even hope to get a job without first going through a job interview. As part of your job search, the job interview is a key moment you have to pay special attention to.


  • Learning the basics of efficient preparation for any interview
  • Understanding interview techniques used and how to prepare for them
  • Learning how to relay your skills effectively
  • Knowing what to do before and after the interview to stand out from the rest


Understanding the interview process

  • What are the recruiters looking for?
  • Personal assessment
  • Interview formats
  • Methods to communicate effectively
  • Types of questions and what to expect

Preparation basics

  • Common mistakes
  • How to prepare
  • Convocation to an interview: what do you need to know?

The day of the interview

  • Advice, questions to ask

After the interview:

  • 8 things you should do

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