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Job search appointment

Step 1


Assess if your requirements fit one or  several of the statements listed below:



  • I am having trouble finding a job.


  • My résumé is outdated; I need help to make it more effective.


  • I need help to prepare for job interviews.


  • I would like to find an internship/job but I don’t know how to go about it.


  • I found a job offer that I am interested in and would like some advice as to how to apply for it.


  • I have received two job offers and would like to discuss them so I can make the right decision.


  • I need information on the job market and the various economic sectors.


  • I need to find out about the requirements (i.e. education, skills, etc.) of the job market relevant to a position I have targeted.


  • I would like to know what the area I am interested in has to offer as far as job opportunities are concerned.


  • I would like to know how to proceed to find an international internship or job.   


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