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Web sites - International Job Search and Internships

A selection of interesting job search websites :

Association québécoise des organismes en coopération internationale (AQOCI) :  Jobs and volunteer work for International Cooperation Agencies

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (Find a Job in International Development)

AIESEC (Internships) (United States)

CCI France International (Union des chambres de commerce et d’industrie françaises à l’étranger)

Government of Canada (Working Abroad) (Hospitality Industry)

iAgora (Find Internships and Jobs Globally)

IES Consulting (Internships in Spain)

InterExchange  (Finding an Internship in the USA)

International Jobs in the Environmental Sector

InternChina (Internships in China)

Le Rucher (Internships, Work and Study in France and globally)

Les offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (Intenships, Studies and Projects in the Global Market)

Liste sites web d’emplois France par secteur (in French)

Ma Carrière Europe

MBAs Without Borders  (International Opportunities for MBA Students)

N.E. International (Internships in China)

Relations internationales et Francophonie (Internships and Jobs in America and in Europe)

SURVIVRELONDRES (Working in Finance and Financial Mathematics in UK)

United Nations Human Resources Staffing System (Internships and Jobs with the United Nations in New York)

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