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Côte-Sainte-Catherine building - 1st floor classrooms

Classroom list

Name Map Features Section Number of seats
Banque CIBC Multi level Blue 69
Banque de développement du Canada Multi level Blue 110
Banque Scotia Multi level Blue 69
Béton Grilli Mobile Blue 28
Cogeco Mobile Blue 28
CPA du Québec Multi level Green 48
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Multi level Yellow 69
Demers Beaulne Mobile Green 28
Dutailier International Mobile Green 28
Ernst & Young Multi level Blue 69
Financière Banque Nationale1 Mobile
(Trading room - 24 stations)
Red 40
Gérard-Parizeau Multi level Green 69
Groupe Cholette Mobile Yellow 35
Groupe Deschênes Mobile Yellow 20
Hélène-Desmarais Multi level Blue 48
Keurig Canada Mobile islands Green 30
KPMG – CSC Multi level Yellow 69
Louis-Laberge Mobile islands Red 48
Marie-Husny Multi level Green 48
METRO INC. Multi level Yellow 72
Nancy et Michel-Gaucher Multi level Green 55
Procter & Gamble Multi level Green 86
PWC Multi level Green 68
Quebecor Multi level Yellow 80
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Multi level Yellow 75
Rona Mobile Blue 28
Saine Marketing Multi level Green 55
Serge-Saucier Multi level Blue 48
Société canadienne des postes Multi level Yellow 48
Sony Multi level Yellow 48
Standard Life Mobile islands Blue 54
St-Hubert Multi level Green 48
TAL Gestion globale d'actifs inc. Multi level Green 69
TD Assurance Meloche Monnex Multi level Green 68
Transat Multi level Yellow 48
Trudeau Corporation Mobile Green 28
Xerox Canada Multi level Yellow 48
  1. The trading room is managed by the Department of finance
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