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Elizabeth Stefanka

Elizabeth Stefanka

Master in Administration (MSc) – International Business (2015)

Elizabeth is the president of Stefanka, a company specializing in personalized clothing recommendations using 3D scanning. Through her MSc in international business and BA in consumer sciences, she honed her knowledge of business development and entrepreneurship with a global perspective.  

She has also taken courses in fashion design and creativity/innovation management. The idea of putting the consumer back at the heart of the buying process emerged about 10 years ago. Elizabeth took advantage of this time to work on a patent and build up a strong entrepreneurial network. The result – the Stefanka 3D interactive fitting room – is a customized solution for retailers looking to offer their patrons a fully personalized experience.

What are you doing to help change the world?

I’m not claiming to be changing the world. But I do feel like I’m on a mission to help improve a consumer model that is past its prime. With Stefanka, we are offering retailers a high-tech solution for recommending garments that suit individual body shapes to a T. Our patented technology records precise measurements using a 3D camera. Customers simply enter the interactive fitting room, run the scanning program for a few seconds and leave with recommendations for clothing and sizes that are right for them. By putting consumers front and centre of the process, we are helping them make smarter purchases and cutting down on the number of product returns and dissatisfied customers for retailers. This is what our solution is bringing to today’s market – a personalized experience for everyone.


To what do you attribute the success of your career path?

It’s a matter of perseverance. Entrepreneurs have to give up a great deal in their own life to get ahead. So lots of personal sacrifices and a keen mind are probably the biggest factors in my own success. My approach is a solution-oriented one. No matter what the context, you have to be resilient. You need to be able to adapt quickly to circumstances that you cannot foresee or control and you have to be creative. With a lot of preparation and a solid understanding of the market, I was able to recognize the best time to get my business up and running.


How did your time at HEC Montréal help you or give you the tools to overcome the challenges you encountered along the way?

My involvement as a member and research assistant for the Mosaic Creativity & Innovation Hub was definitely an important part of my experience at HEC Montréal. And my participation in the Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society helped me develop my critical insight in situations that require creative solutions. Plus, one of the undeniable advantages of HEC Montréal is the exceptional professional network you can build when you know how to go about it.

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