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"Internal and external pressures on hybrid networks : The case of an organic cotton production network"

Mercredi 16 février 2011 de 12h15 à 13h30


Présentation du CRISES-HEC  


Carolina Turcado : Master candidate in Agribusiness at the Center of Studies and Research in Agribusiness at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and member of the Group of Studies in Organizations (GESTOR), at UFRGS. Undergraduated in business administration at Faculdade Atlântico Sul, Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Theses: Sustainable development in the construction of the collective trough network interactions: The case of the Justa Trama network.



Our study aims at analyzing the mutual influence between networks of organizations that combine multiple logics (hybrid) and institutional environments. On the one hand we have the internal level of a hybrid networks described as organizations dealing with their multiple logics and trying to create an organizational identity inside the network. On the other hand the institutional environment imposes continuous changes on hybrid networks. However, little research has been done to combine and understand the mutual influence between internal and external sides. Furthermore, this mutual influence has never been studied in the context of networks. In order to fill this void, our study proposes a framework to show how a hybrid network orchestrate multiple logics in order to affect and being affected by the institutional environment in which it is embedded. We contribute to the literature on hybrid organizations by suggesting that when it comes to networks, an internal level requires compromise and an external level requires manipulation. The network has the potential to organize compromise among internal members and to enforce institutional external change.

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