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Présentation du GéPS : "Social Innovation in Contested Domains"

Jeudi 23 février 2012


"Social Innovation in Contested Domains :

Insite - North America's First Government Sanctioned Supervised Injection Site"


par Thomas B. Lawrence

Professor, Simon Fraser Unversity


Social innovation has gained a great deal of attention as an important mechanism through which communities can address their social problems. Despite widespread popular and political attention, scholarly understanding of social innovation is in its infancy. In this paper, I explore social innovation in contested domains by exploring the case of Insite, North America’s first government sanctioned, supervised injection site for users of illegal drugs. I adopt an institutional perspective, from which social innovation is conceptualized as the production and institutionalization of a novel solution to a social problem. Drawing on my findings, I develop a theoretical model of social innovation in contested domains that describes an iterative process with the status of the innovation evolving from being a nascent concept to a proto-institution to an institution, and each stage associated with a new field configuration in which the discourse, social structures, and practices of the field are aligned in a way that supports the transition.


Salle Sony

Édifice Côte-Sainte-Catherine

Organisé par le Groupe d'étude sur la pratique de la stratégie


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