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Conférence "Business Beyond Tomorrow"


Vendredi 11 mars 2011 de 9h à 21h




Over the last decade, many businesses began looking at the ecological impacts of their operations, as well as considering their responsibility towards society. Companies have started to incorporate sustainable development in their daily business decisions and, thus, have adopted a long-term vision in lieu of the traditional emphasis of short-term shareholder value.

Inspired by this increase in corporate and public interest in sustainable development, and the subsequent need to educate business leaders, For the first time Concordia University, HEC Montreal and McGill University are joining forces for their annual conference on sustainability; Business Beyond Tomorrow. The conference is a unique initiative that brings together the Montreal student community, corporate leaders, and sustainable leaders to discuss sustainable business practices. Business Beyond Tomorrow explores the sustainable strategies and practices of businesses today, the obstacles faced by the industry in becoming sustainable and common goals for the future. The conference exists to educate and inspire the business leaders of today and the student community, the business leaders of tomorrow. This year’s conference, taking place on March 11th 2010, will explore sustainability thoroughly, in terms of social, economical and ecological factors.



In order to achieve a greater level of depth, the conference will cover the 3 pillars of sustainability; ecology, economy and social issues. On March 11th 2010, Business Beyond Tomorrow will discuss on a diversity of subjects, from sustainable energy, to environmental law and sustainable building.



The mission of the Sustainable Business Conferences is to increase the sustainability literacy of the student community and to highlight businesses that have incorporated sustainability into their practices. Furthermore, Business Beyond Tomorrow is an opportunity for them to see that sustainability and economic prosperity need not be mutually exclusive. It is a chance for them to learn beyond the scope of the classroom, through exposure to tangible examples of ingenuity, determination, and success.



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Business Beyond Tomorrow


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Vendredi 11 mars 2011, 9:00 à 21:00


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BMO amphitheatre,
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
Room MB 1.210
1450 Guy street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3H 2L5
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